Why Choose Mr. Feedback?

Mr. Feedback is a service created by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers.  Have you ever received a negative review or feedback that could have been avoided if you had just had enough manpower to change a bad experience before the customer rated you? So did we. Like you, we know how painful, frustrating, and downright damaging this can be to your business.  

But it’s time consuming and difficult to reach out to each and every person that makes a purchase before they leave a review about your business! Now, with a little bit of help from Mr. Feedback, you can take a load off your shoulders and sleep better at night knowing that you have followed up with all of your customers at each step of the buying process.  

This isn’t just another contact tool. Instead, we give you the support you need to stop those negative reviews in their tracks and transform your customer’s experience with your brand so that you can start seeing glowing reviews on your Amazon account.

How we do it! 

YOU and YOUR BUSINESS needs are at the heart of what we do! And we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we’ve developed a product that is…

Easy to use – You don’t have a lot of time to spend figuring out a new program, and we get that! That’s why we designed Mr. Feedback to be packed full of features and services while still being easy to understand, manage, and put into action.
Surprisingly effective – Let’s face it. Selling on Amazon is stressful enough as it is. You don’t need a minimally effective product that breaks the bank just to use. At Mr. Feedback we take pride in helping you get a better night’s rest knowing that we’re taking care of your business 24 hours a day with a powerful, reliable product that helps you thrive on Amazon.
Fast! Stop wasting your time waiting for help from customer support. Your business is important and we want everything to move as quickly as you do. We are committed to providing you an unparalleled experience by delivering top-notch customer service in a timely manner.  

Sounds pretty great, right? Here’s our pledge to you: You get 30 days to try Mr. Feedback free! If you’re not completely, over-the-moon satisfied with the service, you won’t be charged a penny.   Sometimes 30 days isn’t enough to know if a service is right for you, and that’s OK too. If in your first month you decide not to use Mr. Feedback for your business, just send us an email to explain why you’re leaving and we will process full refund (although we’d hate to see you go!) Sound fair?  So, with nothing to lose and plenty of positive reviews to gain, what are you waiting for?

Our goal is to see you succeed! We want to hear from you and take all of your feedback very seriously.  You can trust that we will do whatever it takes to give you the tools needed to make your life selling on  Amazon as easy and successful as possible. We succeed when you do!”