How It Works!

Mr. Feedback is a buyer communication and feedback monitoring tool. It allows you to send messages to your buyers automatically and hands-free based on specific events. For instance, you can use a automated queue to provide tracking and shipment notification to your buyers when their item ships, is out for delivery or has arrived. Or you can followup X amount of days after any of these events to make sure that the item has arrived safely and to satisfaction.

But Mr. Feedback offers so many other great features. Maybe you dropship a item that has frequently arrived broken or missing an important part. Now with Mr Feedback you can setup a queue to send messages to all orders with a specific SKU or ASIN. So, on the day of delivery you could have a message that arrives in the buyers mailbox explaining the situation so you can hopefully avoid negative feedback. 

Mr Feedback is not simply about increasing positive feedback, although it does that very well, it is a buyer communication tool that actually prevents negative feedback in its tracks. Now, let me be honest, life isn't a Walgreens' commercial, even while using Mr Feedback you will still receive negative feedback. However the aim of the tool is to outweigh the few you still will receive with the positive. And because we realize that, we also offer free notifications so that as soon as a negative feedback shows up on your account you will be notifed, and can respond as quickly as possible. And coming soon we have a feature planned that will allow you to, this will blow your mind, actually virtually DELETE negative feedback from your account. Totally legit, completely in line with Amazon TOS. So feel free to pester us about when that will be released ;-)

Also, we offer feedback monitoring and negative feedback notifications. As soon as a negative feedback registers you will receive a email and a text - unless you have opted out. This allows you to quickly respond to the customer, showing that you care, you do provide prompt customer support, and that you want to resolve the issue. There's never a guarantee any buyer will remove a negative but the quicker you respond the better your chances are. 

One other thing we'd like to mention is our email conversion tracking. When you send out emails using MrFeedback those emails are tagged and tracked to see if they convert into feedback. This is a great way to test how well certain methods of requesting feedback may convert for you. We encourage you to play with your email templates, change and tweak them and see how it effects those conversions.

You'll find many other features and options available inside the members area. We are continually updating the tool and discussing new features and ideas that would make it better, and your feedback is greatly encouraged!  
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