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I thought MrFeedback was free

Well, yes and no. We offer a free plan that will never cost you a penny. But to fully take advantage of the features of MrFeedback we do charge a small fee. We have to pay for a massive server, employees and updates. However, we offer the best free trial available and you are always welcome to simply use the Free plan if you only sell a few items a month.

What is your guarantee that I will see my feedback rating increase?

We offer no guarantees as to how your feedback will increase, however, based on users who have already used MrFeedback we can confidently say that we have always seen a positive increase. Our original seller account went from 86%-99%
in a little over two weeks. There are many factors as to whether a buyer will leave you positive feedback. If you ever need help or have a question regarding this feel free to drop us a line. 

How easy is MrFeedback to use? 

One of our goals in developing MrFeedback was creating a service that could be setup in minutes and run hands-free and with minimal work. We sincerely hope we were successful in that and we honestly do feel that the tool is very easy to use. In your welcome email you should have received a video walking you through using the service, and, if that isn't enough and you still have questions, shoot us a email and tell us what you need help with. We would love to assist you! Or hey, shoot us a txt at the number at the bottom of this page.

Why do you need my Credit Card for a free account?

We require a valid Credit Card for all signups to limit spam accounts. Rest assured free accounts will never be charged. If you signup for a paid account and switch to free before your trial expires you will not be charged.

What is the most effective queue setup?

Great question! Here's what we have found most effective. Setup a queue to be sent out when an item ships, make this email very brief, provide the buyer with tracking, explain that the purpose of the email is to make sure that everything is satisfactory. Setup a second queue to followup when item is delivered, focus in this email first on making sure the item arrived fine and all is well. Stress that you want to know if anything isn't quite right, then, ask for feedback in a very polite, humble and none-demanding way.  This approach works well. Remember, if not all your orders have tracking setup two queues. One for orders with tracking and the other for orders that have no tracking. This is explained in your welcome email video. 

Explain Queues and Messages to me, please!

A queue is setup with specific criteria, when this criteria is met - we call it a event - a message is sent out. Let me explain, you setup a queue to send out a message for any new orders when they ship with various other options such as a specific SKU, or whatever you select. Now everytime a order ships and meets the other specified conditions a message is sent to the buyer. 
Manual messages work the same as queues except they only run once. Queues are the preferred method of sending messages to your buyers. 

I have a great idea! Will you implement it?

That's awesome! We love new ideas... shoot us a email, try and express in as much detail as possible what you'd like to see, how it would affect your business and other sellers on MrFeedback and we will send it to our developers for estimation. We can't guarantee development of every suggestion however we do guarantee we will look into and consider every single idea presented. Our goal is to make your life selling on Amazon easier, if we can do that better we are all game!

Will using MrFeedback get my Amazon Seller Account banned? Does it break Amazon TOS?

No, our service follows all Amazon TOS and does not break any rules. We have a zero tolerance policy for disregarding Amazon TOS, if you should use our service to mass-email your buyers spam, advertisements or anything that could be considered a failure to abide by Amazon policies we will freeze your account and you will NOT receive a refund! Abide by our polices, follow Amazon's polices and rules and you will be fine. If you have any questions about this send us a email and we will try and clear up any missunderstanding.

Amazon already sends out a email asking the buyer to leave feedback. Don't you think that sending another might be counterproductive?

Actually we have found in testing that sending out messages asking for feedback works very very well. If you use the message as a way of communicating with the buyer, and, only request feedback as a "Ohh, by the way..." finishing comment, you will find it to be very effective. When I buy a item on Amazon and the seller sends me a email with the tracking and a note letting me know they are willing to resolve any issues, I am always very pleased. But, I still almost always receive the item and forget to leave feedback. However, if a followup email is sent asking how I liked the item, I never fail to leave feedback.  Try it out, it really works!

Our goal is to see you succeed! We want to hear from you and take all of your feedback very seriously.  You can trust that we will do whatever it takes to give you the tools needed to make your life selling on  Amazon as easy and successful as possible. We succeed when you do!”